Everyday Fitness and Diet Tips:

Good diet and fitness plan is one of the key to a healthy life. You can improve your health by keeping a balance diet. You should eat foods that contain vitamins and minerals, which includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy and a source of protein. And one should also concentrate on his/her fitness goals to achieve a healthy life.

These are some of the wanted tips that actually work in everyday lifestyle which anyone can follow it:

1.Workout in the morning- The best way to feel fresh and energetic throughout the day is an early morning workout, that could set the tone for a healthier day. You should do morning workout in empty stomach, but one can also have pre-workout meal. Morning workout is all you need to get better and sound sleep at night. Workout in the morning also encourages you to eat healthy and maintain a good diet all day along.

2.Find workout buddy-Finding workout buddy is not less than finding a way to spent more time doing your workout and getting more fitter because “Starting exercise is easy the difficult part is continuing exercising” Says Hirofumi Tanaka, PHD,a Professor of Kinsiology & Health Education at the University of Texas at Austin.

3.Have a healthy breakfast– The most important meal of the day is breakfast that fuels up your body for the rest of the day and you will feel charged up all day. As the name suggest, breakfast breaks the overnight fasting period. Having a healthy breakfast is very crucial for your diet. One should always remember not to skip breakfast because it is key to fitness and your diet plan.

4. Stay Hydrated– Just plain water is best for staying hydrated all day along. It is crucial for many reasons: to regulate body temperature, prevent infections, keep joint lubricated, keep organs functioning properly and deliver nutrients to cells and many more. Staying well hydrated is very helpful in maintaining a good weight and overall fitness.

5.Sip throughout the day-One should consume at least 3 liters i.e. 8 glasses of water per day. When you sip water throughout the day, you will feel more satisfied & will have fewer cravings. Rather than drinking a lot of water in one time, which allow the body to efficiently process the water and hydrate. You should always sip water in sitting position,do not stand and drink water.

6.Increase your fiber intake– Very important part of diet and your fitness is your fiber intake, fiber makes stool passing process easy, helps to maintain bowel health. Decrease the chances of constipation. Fiber makes us feel fuller and helps in digestion. It also decreases the risk of heart attack, type 2 diabetes & bowel cancer etc.

7.Fuel for fitness– Food as fuel, our body is a vehicle which need to get fuel to keep running all day. Every meal is very important when trying to get energy and change your fitness lifestyle especially when you workout. Carbohydrates are preferred fuel for most cells in the body.Our main energy source are carbs for fueling the body and brain.

8.Keep your meal portion in check– Increased portion size are thought to contribute to overeating and unwanted weight gain. Don’t listen to your stomach because when you will give more food it will always demand for more and more food. Meal should always be according to your body requirements. Use serving guides to serve your food before eating and follow it regularly.

9.Switch your snack- Snack also plays a important role in your diet plan because it includes a lot of calories, cut down your unhealthy snack and switch with healthy snack like nuts, dark chocolate, flax seeds, fruits & many more. Always carry a healthy snack bag with you where ever you go because you don’t know when you will need it

10.Move your Body- Do not have time to go to gym to workout ? just have your music on and move your body for just an hour everyday,you do not need any type of gym equipment to move your body you just need to move your body in your way that’s it. Moving your body does not mean going to gym everyday it means just do any kind of work ,walk or jog do not sit idol at home.

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